Sushi and Soy Sauce Pin, Japanese Inspired Cute Kawaii Button Pin, Sushi-themed gifts Duo Pack 2.25"

Presenting Sushi and Soy Sauce Pin Duo Pack

Ignite your passion for all things sushi with our Sushi and Soy Sauce Pin Duo Pack. These irresistible 2.25' button pins are a delightful addition to any sushi aficionado's collection, bringing a touch of Japanese-inspired kawaii cuteness to everyday life.

Designed with an endearing sushi and soy sauce motif, these pins not only celebrate the artistry and tradition of Japanese cuisine but also infuse it with a modern, playful twist. They are stylish and versatile, ready to adorn your backpack, jacket, or hat with a sushi-themed flourish.

These button pins are more than just accessories – they're a testament to your love for sushi. Each one is thoughtfully crafted, capturing the essence of those endearing sushi rolls we can't get enough of and the ubiquitous soy sauce that enhances their flavour. Whether you're a sushi fanatic or looking for an ideal sushi-themed gift, these button pins are the ultimate mark of appreciation for this universally loved dish.

Don't miss out on adding these gems to your collection. Embrace the sushi-theme with these charming pins. Let them serve as a constant reminder of your culinary adventures, the joy of sushi, and the compelling culture that surrounds it.


When did sushi become so popular that it could make a fashion statement? This adorable Sushi button can add some flair to your fashion accessories or make a great gift for a sushi lover!


Another design? We can do them for you.

Button size 2.25 x 2.25 inches with pin

* Quality full colored print with your personalized information
* Mylar plastic top coat to protect the graphics

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