Rainbow Pride Pin, Mini Pride Pin - Trio Pack

Celebrate Your Pride with our Mini Rainbow Pride Pin Trio Pack

Showcase your joy and stand up for love with our Rainbow Pride Pin. This vibrant piece of accessory adds a brilliant splash of colours to your daily attire or special event outfits. Specially designed to symbolize unity, acceptance, and freedom, it is a splendid way to display your support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Our Trio Pack of Mini Rainbow Pride Pins allows you to share the pride with your loved ones. The pack consists of three mini pins, each bursting with a seven-colour depiction of a rainbow - the internationally recognised symbol of gay pride.

Whether you are part of the community or an ally, wearing our Rainbow Pride Pin sends a message of acceptance and equality. Crafted with care, our pins boast a durable design and a vibrant palette. They can be securely fastened to any fabric material, making them a versatile accessory that can decorate backpacks, caps, and clothing.

Draw attention to the cause, bring positivity in your everyday life and encourage acceptance with our Rainbow Pride Pin. Remember, love is for everyone. Celebrate diversity and pride every day!


This photo pin is perfect for your favorite LGBTQ pride events. Made with a durable mylar plastic top coat and full-color photography, this pin can be worn in many different ways such as on a lapel or shirt collar, hat, backpack or bag strap.

Button Size 1"



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