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Where to find Busybee Creates

Busybee Creates is an extraordinary initiative that merges creativity, compassion, and community impact. They offer a diverse selection of custom gifts through their online marketplace and physical shelves located in the Lower Mainland under Makers (Metropolis at Metrotown and Guilford Mall). Collaborating with artists, artisans, and crafters, Busybee Creates showcases and sells a wide range of handmade products, with a special focus on Filipino and Asian inspired items.

What truly distinguishes Busybee Creates is their unwavering commitment to giving back. In partnership with Light the Night for Blood Cancer, Team Chua, Busybee Creates donates a percentage of every purchase directly to support blood cancer research and patients. By shopping at Busybee Creates, you become an active contributor to this noble cause.

Explore the creative wonders of Busybee Creates today! Visit their online marketplace, Etsy or browse their physical shelves in the Lower Mainland under Makers. Together, let's nurture creativity, foster cultural appreciation, and make a meaningful impact in the fight against blood cancer.