Hello I am Autistic Pin, Autism Awareness Button Pin 2.25"

Hello I am Autistic Pin - A Statement Piece for Autism Awareness

A 2.25 inch 'Hello I am Autistic' button pin - a perfect accessory to showcase your support for Autism awareness. Made with high-quality durable materials, this pin adds a touch of personal identity and solidarity with the Autism community.

Promote understanding and empathy towards people with Autism with this beautifully designed pin. It is not just a button, but a bold statement that advocates for awareness, inclusion, and acceptance - the core values of the Autism awareness movement.

In celebration of the uniqueness and diversity of people with Autism, this 'Hello I am Autistic' pin is an ideal gift for anyone related to Autism - be it parents, teachers, caregivers, therapists or even themselves. Support Autism awareness in style with this innovative pin, creating conversations and challenging stereotypes.


In a world that doesn't understand, we should make more noise!


Another design? We can do them for you.


Button size 2.25 x 2.25 inches with pin

* Quality full colored print with your personalized information
* Mylar plastic top coat to protect the graphics

Bulk orders can send me a personal message for discounts.


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