She Her Gender Pronouns Pin, Inclusive Mini Pin - Trio Pack

Join the Movement with Our 'She Her' Gender Pronouns Pin - Trio Pack

Make a bold statement with our 'She Her' pronoun pins. Perfect for those seeking a subtle, yet powerful way to express their identity, these pins are more than just accessories. They are a beacon of acceptance, camaraderie, and unity in the journey of expressing your true self.

With this trio pack, you have the freedom to showcase your identity on varying platforms. Be it your backpack, your shirt lapel, or even a cherished keepsake box. Our 'She Her' pronoun pins are a testament to the resilience of individuality and the power of being one's true self.

Join the growing movement that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Our trio pack of 'She Her' gender pronouns pins communicates a strong affirmation of your identity, honoring your journey and inviting others to do the same. With every pin worn, we take one step closer towards creating a world that celebrates individuality and shatters gender stereotypes.


A pronoun pin is a status symbol; a wink to those in the know who remember to use the right pronouns.


These are a trio pack of pronoun pins that show your support for transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals.

Button Size 1"




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