Dear Santa Tray and Mug, Santa Cookies and Treats, Christmas Tradition Mug, Milk and Cookie Platter

Dear Santa Tray and Mug - A Quintessential Christmas Tradition

Make a space for Santa that says you have been really nice this year.

Santa mug is 11 oz in size and is microwave and dishwasher safe and too cute to resist for that anticipated visit on Christmas Eve. The tray sheet is aluminum and is 8" x 10" in size and is a perfect size that complements its matching mug perfectly.

Our Dear Santa Tray and Mug set exists to make the Christmas Eve tradition of leaving cookies and milk for Santa more special. Made with a high level of craftsmanship, this set is not only functional but also doubles as a festive decoration.

The Tray and Mug feature a traditional Christmas design, invoking warm holiday sentiments. It's highly durable and meant to be part of your family's Christmas tradition for years to come. The mug is perfect for Santa's milk or hot cocoa, and the tray is just the right size for those delicious cookies.

This set is not just a product but a catalyst for creating unforgettable memories. It holds a promise of magic, a dash of nostalgia, and a sprinkle of happiness. This is a must-have for every family who partakes in this endearing Christmas tradition of leaving treats for Santa. It's more than just a tray and mug; it's a token of love, celebration, and togetherness.