Custom Name Sequin Pillowcase. 16x16 Pillow Covers

Stunning Custom Name 16x16 Pillow Covers

Distinguish your home decor with these unique personalized 16x16 pillow covers. Embellished with a lively sequin design, they are a perfect blend of style and comfort. Crafted in the perfect dimensions of 16” x 16'', the pillow covers fit standard inserts beautifully. But why just limit the glamour to your own home? You can also order a custom name on your sequin pillow cover and present it as a special housewarming gift.

Experience the elegance of minimal design and maximum impact with these enticing pillow covers. The sequin sparkle adds a magnificent pop of shine to any room. Add to doors, couch, or bed, and infuse your personal space with an utterly charming appeal. Customizing your pillow cover with the name of your choice presents you the liberty to incorporate a piece that speaks your style in your room.

Made from highly durable material, these pillow covers are designed to last. Not only do they enhance the beauty of your surroundings, but they also make a heartwarming presence felt. So make your own statement in home decor with our personalized 16x16 pillow covers. Fashionable, chic, and highly comfortable, these pillow covers are all you need to make your space truly exceptional.


Perfect way to hide a secret message. Whether it is a picture, a proposal or a note or quote just meant for your recipient.

A Unique Gift specialized just for you. Give the gift of custom.

NO inside pillow with filler.

We will only send you the outer pillow with customized design.

Size: 16" x 16"
Color: White and Silver Flip Sequins
Backing: Faux Suede


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