Custom Christmas Classic Themed Scrapbook Flair Button or Party Favors - (1") 25 pieces

Custom Christmas Classic Themed Stocking Stuffers Scrapbook Button - Custom Flair Button for Favors - (1") 25 pieces

Love mini buttons perfect for scrapbooking, crafting projects or as favour/ giveaways. Button flair size 1" and can be open back, pin back

Another design? We can do them for you.

10% of the proceeds on these buttons will go to LIGHT THE NIGHT FOUNDATION.

Button size 1 x 1 inches. We can customize the button to fit your idea. Got another idea you want for your pins? Message us and we will be more than happy to work with your vision.

Each button is handmade in our home studio located in Burnaby, B.C.

* Quality full coloured print with your personalized informations
* Mylar plastic top coat to protect the graphics * Available in pin, keychain or magnet

Please message us for a different quantity or for any query that you might need answered regarding this product. Thank you.