5 Types of Friends you need in your life

5 Types of Friends you need in your life - Busybee Creates

Women are capable creatures, and we can see that in how they face life and challenges that come their way, but the secret to getting through all these is their support system. 

Here are five types of friends that every woman should have in her life:

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1. Confident Booster

You cannot please everybody, and lots of times, it is us who doubt ourselves for every step that is out of our comfort zone. A friend who will be your biggest supporter and will cheer the loudest is a definite keeper. They will be the boost that you will need when you need confidence and remind you of how awesome you already are. 

2. Listening Ear

A friend who is there to listen without judgment. It is such a gift to have that friend that will be a shoulder to cry on and is a safe space for you.

3. Fun one

Laughter is the best medicine, and a friend that will take your difficulty and make it light by making you look at the positive side and laugh will help you recharge and reset. Finding the fun is a gift, and it's always nice to have that friend that sees a glass half-full.

4. The Mentor

A wise friend that will help you put things in perspective is another type of friend that will help you achieve your goal by offering a practical solution and making action plans to make it achievable. They will be the voice of reason and the mature ones in the group.

5. The Tandem Buddy

Finding that plan and doing it are two different things. A tandem buddy will ensure you are still on track and help you reach your full potential.

Which of these types of friend do you have in your circle? 


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