Discover Flavorful Favorites: Comment Your Top Pick from Hot Chocolate Fest 2024!

Experience Vibrant Flavors at Hot Chocolate Fest 2024: Let's Discover Together!

Hey hot chocolate enthusiasts!

As we dive into the excitement of this year's Hot Chocolate Festival, we're all ears for the tales of your tasty discoveries.

Don't forget to spill the cocoa beans and share your go-to hot chocolate from this year's festival – and don't miss checking out our assortment of mugs here! The fest is rolling from Jan 13 to Feb 13, 2024.

Before you share your thoughts, let's talk about our first taste adventure at Yaletown's Analog Coffee. We couldn't resist trying the Banana Rum-ble

A luscious creation inspired by a classic tropical cocktail. Imagine rich dark chocolate mingling with banana and a hot buttered rum sauce, all crowned with whipped cream, cocoa powder, and a pocky biscuit stick.

Pair that bliss with a side of carrot cake featuring miso cream cheese icing – and guess what? It's vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free. Now, how's that for a heavenly combo?

So, drop your thoughts below and let's spread the cheer of this year's Hot Chocolate Fest. What's your top flavor pick, and any hidden gems you stumbled upon?

Cheers to a season filled with flavor, cozy vibes, and the everlasting bond between mugs and hot chocolate! 🍫☕️

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