Motherhood and Coffee Mug Gift Ideas for New Moms, Gift for Mommy to Be - 11 oz.

Celebrate the Joy of Motherhood

Motherhood brings a whole new perspective on life. A mother's world gets a new dimension with the arrival of her little bundle of joy. This Motherhood and Coffee Mug is the perfect soother to the sleepless nights and the endless schedule of a new mom. It holds the magic potion that keeps a mother going - her coffee.

Our Motherhood and Coffee Mug is crafted with love and care, keeping the comfort and taste of a new mom in mind. With an 11 oz capacity, it is perfect for the morning brew or for that late-night decaf. The sturdy handle gives a good grip, bearing in mind the clumsy post-partum phase.

The Motherhood and Coffee Mug makes a great gift for baby showers or for those first visits post-delivery. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge the huge milestone your friend or family member stepped into. The mug is a nice, hearty reminder that there's always coffee to lend comfort during those exhausting days and nights.


The perfect pairing. Motherhood and Coffee. Surviving motherhood one cup of coffee at a time in your own motherhood and coffee inspired mug.

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Mug details:
* High Quality Mug - 11 oz.
* Dishwasher Safe
* Microwave Safe
* High Quality Printing (will NOT fade or peel)
* Handmade in our Home Studio (Burnaby, Canada)




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