Celebrating Philippine Independence Month: Showcasing Filipino Small Businesses

Celebrating Philippine Independence Month: Showcasing Filipino Small Businesses - Busybee Creates

June is an extraordinary month for the Philippines as it marks the country's independence, a significant event that highlights the resilience and spirit of the Filipino people. In celebration of this historic occasion, let's shine a spotlight on five remarkable Filipino small businesses that showcase that Pinoy Pride through their products: 


Shameless Buns 

Shameless Bun Food Truck, created by Matt and Corvette, is a Filipino-inspired culinary venture that has gained a devoted following. With their food truck serving as a mobile platform, Matt and Corvette bring the flavours of the Philippines to various events and gatherings, delighting customers with their artisanal buns. From Sinigang fries to their version of adobo with a twist, their creations combine traditional recipes with innovative flavour combinations. With warm personalities and engaging stories, Matt and Corvette create a memorable culinary experience for their customers. Shameless Bun Food Truck promises a delightful journey of flavours and cultural appreciation, leaving patrons craving more of their shamelessly delicious treats. Book Shameless Buns

Telly’s Manila Kitchen

Manila Kitchen Vancouver is a culinary tribute to the legacy of Teresita Villaluz, affectionately known as Nanay Tacing, who instilled the values of family and food in her daughters Telly and Natasha. Their family's best-kept secret, the Adobo Flakes recipe, has been passed down through generations and is now shared with the world. Bursting with flavors and prepared with love, these flakes represent the authentic taste of Filipino cuisine that has been enjoyed by their family for years. Experience the magic of Manila Kitchen Vancouver and indulge in the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines. Shop Telly's Manila Kitchen

Home and Decor

Busybee Creates

Rooted in the beautiful bond of mother-daughter creativity, Busybee Creates passionately showcases their collection of Filipino and Asian inspired mugs on physical shelves in various Makers' stores. This business was born from the shared love for arts and crafts between a mother and daughter, resulting in a brand that not only fosters creativity but also encourages individuals to take pride in their cultural heritage.

Through their unique mugs, Busybee Creates inspires a sense of connection and appreciation for one's roots. By promoting the cultural significance of these mugs, they strive to instill a sense of pride and identity in those who embrace them. Furthermore, this endeavor serves as a platform for continuous fundraising for the "Light the Night" campaign under Team Chua, contributing to the noble cause of battling blood cancer. Shop Busybee Creates


Cambio & Co.

Caida Bloom Drops

Introducing Cambio & Co., a jewelry company originating from the Philippines and currently based in Toronto and Manila. Each exquisite item is meticulously crafted in the Philippines, paying homage to the rich traditions of craftsmanship while fostering a profound connection to our homeland. 

At Cambio & Co., we purposefully seek out jewelry from Filipino designers and artisan brands, aiming to bridge the gap between the diaspora and challenge the prevailing colonial notion that "imported is superior."

With every Cambio piece, you embrace the local materials, celebrate the artistry of the Philippines, and honor our vibrant cultural heritage. As an organization, we take great pride in being predominantly owned and operated by Pinays. Rest assured, your chosen pieces will be shipped from our locations in Toronto and New York. Shop Cambio & Co.


Summit Kids 

Summit Kids is all about celebrating diversity and helping children understand different cultures. We offer a range of books, play kits, craft kits, and workshops designed to spark curiosity and explore family stories, history, and community. One of our special focuses is language learning books, including Filipino, which help kids bridge cultures and learn new languages, even while in Canada. Our goal is to foster cultural awareness, respect for diversity, and inclusivity, while nurturing a love for learning and a global perspective. Join Summit Kids as we empower young minds and open doors to new languages and cultures through engaging books and activities. Shop Summit Books. Coupon code: BUSYBEECREATES for 10% off all orders

As we commemorate Philippine Independence Month, it is crucial to recognize and support the ingenuity and resilience of Filipino entrepreneurs. Filipino-inspired Small businesses are not only contributing to the local economy but also promoting Filipino culture and heritage through their unique products and services. By patronizing these businesses and spreading the word about their exceptional offerings, we can help them thrive and continue to be a source of pride for the Philippines.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite Filipino small businesses in Canada.

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